Sustainable Decluttering Ideas: Tidy Up the Eco-Friendly Way

Sustainable Decluttering Ideas: Tidy Up the Eco-Friendly Way

Every parent knows that with children, comes clutter. Lots of it. The average home is already groaning under the weight of a lifetime worth of collecting, from clothes to kitchen appliances, but add a little one into the mix with an inevitable abundance of toys, books, dinnerware and a wardrobe bigger than your own and you’re faced with a serious need to declutter.


Decluttering and ‘the art of tidying up’ has taken the world by storm over the last few months, with Marie Kondo’s Netflix series inspiring people all over the world to have a mass clear out of anything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’. This is something the team here at Babycup are well on board with (after all, one of the great things about Babycup First Cup is the fact that these stackable little receptacles are the only cups your child will need. No more filling cupboards with ineffective and inapproapriate drinking solutions), but like other eco-conscious folks, we have our concerns about the sustainability side of things. At a time when our planet needs us most, is Decluttering a sensible, considerate thing to do? If you come at it from an environmentally friendly approach, we believe you can actually put good into the world, as you put good into your home.

Ready to join the masses who say Marie Kondo’s ‘tidying up’ has changed their lives? Here’s how to do it with the welfare of the world in mind.


The first and foremost step to eco-decluttering is to recycle anything you choose to ditch. This doesn’t just have to stop at taking your glass, paper and tins to recycling bins, you should also take saleable items to charity shops or even swap shops (where you might be able to exchange for a handy storage solution).

You could also give things away on websites like Freecycle and Preloved. What doesn’t spark joy in you (or your child) might just spark joy in another.

Buy Better, Buy Less

Consumerism is, naturally, one of the many causes for clutter in our homes. Our urge to buy things we don’t really love or need results in us having homes full of unwanted gubbins. When you’re embarking on a decluttering spree, make a promise to yourself that in future you will always choose to buy better and therefore, buy less.

Spotting a bargain price is sorely tempting at times, but spending less money on lesser quality is false economy. Stick to what you love and spend a little more if necessary to get the one that lasts, the one that is ethically made, or just simply, the one that is right.

Re-purpose, Re-use, Re-love

Sometimes it can be tough to get rid of certain items, for sentimental reasons, so if you come up against something that really should go but you just can’t bring yourself to part with it, consider giving it a new lease of life.

We love these creative ideas on that are bound to get the repurposing ideas flowing.