"I've tried every sippy cup, teat, colour, shape, handle, flexibility to get my little one to consume more water as we began weaning. Nothing worked. I bought these and they are perfect. Literally took to them straight away."

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training cup for weaning
best baby cups for weaning

"Love these! I’m breastfeeding and my little one won’t take a bottle. When we started weaning I realised she needed some water with her meals and offered her some of mine, but as the cup was large, it wasn’t ideal. These on the other hand are absolutely perfect. Ideal for her little hands and mouth, she has taken to them so quickly! Definitely recommend!"

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You wouldn't learn to drink from a bucket!

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Little ones are amazing when we let them try

Our mini people learn so much through mimic. They watch, they learn, they copy.

When it comes to developing healthy habits, they love to do as we do.

Sit and sip with them and let the love of learning flow.

Cheers to that!