Babycup Sippeco Mini Open Cups - pack of four

Type: Sippy Cups
  • Pack of four cups for £9.99
  • The first cup dentists and orthodontists recommend
  • All the cups you’ll need to see you through weaning
  • 100% Recyclable and also biodegradable! Loved by parents and little ones. Babycup Sippeco Mini Open Cups - pack of four are mini open cups perfectly-sized for little hands and mouths
  • Encourages sipping, better for oral health, helps fine motor skills
  • Baby cups for weaning 6m+
    (Also suitable for mini sips from 4m+ and suitable for cup-feeding infants)
  • Non-toxic, BPA free, phthalates free; durable; dishwasher safe; steriliser safe
  • Guarantee! We want you to love your Babycup Sippeco Mini Open Cups - pack of four. If you don’t, send them back and we’ll refund your purchase cost
  • Sippy not sucky! Mini open cups for healthy sipping from weaning onwards for breastfed and bottlefed babies alike

  • For learning to drink from a rim; no spouts or seals

  • Approved by the Oral Health Foundation

  • The first cups experts recommend: Perfectly-proportioned for little hands and mouths; translucent so children can see inside; 50ml/1.5fl oz; handy measurement markings in ml's and fl oz

  • Children enjoy using open cups just like their siblings, parents or carers; great for developing self-feeding skills, independence and fine motor skills.

  • Thumbs up from dentists and orthodontists for oral health. To encourage good oral movements and help develop swallowing skills.

  • Designed to be gorgeous, made to last and Made in Britain.

  • Also suitable for cup-feeding infants in times of feeding challenges such as latch issues, bottle-refusal, cleft or tongue-tie.

  • Easy to clean, no hard to reach areas, germs can't hide.

  • High quality, Made in Britain