If you find a product that says it is ours but something does not seem right - perhaps the pricing seems wrong or the product isn't of our high quality - please be very careful in case it is a fake/a copy. We can only guarantee our genuine products. We take safety and quality very seriously. Every Babycup Sippeco First Cup complies with international safety standards. These safety standards give reassurance and confidence. We are happy for our own children to use Babycup Sippeco First Cups and we have trust in our products and hope that you will like them too.

If you have any questions regarding genuine and original Babycup products please don't hesitate to get in touch. If you find a product online, which is claiming to be one of ours, but the pricing is too good to be true, please be careful.

We can only put our guarantee to genuine products. Every single one of our cups is hand checked and complies with important safety checks. We cannot say this for others. Please don't take the risk. Our objective is to ensure a wonderful experience for your little one.

Buy authentic and be safe. Buy from our website or from our stockists around the world

Keeping me safe