5 Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

When we become parents, everything changes. Who we knew (or thought) ourselves to be as people, our priorities, our entire way of thinking and being. And of course, Valentine’s Day. Where love and attention in the world before baby would naturally have fallen onto your spouse or partner, now all of a sudden there are two (or more!) loves of your life, and there will be forever more. As the essence of Valentine’s Day is really about love, not romance, it only makes sense to include your little one in the celebrations (right up until it’s far too embarrassing for them to bear!).

If this year marks your baby’s first Valentine’s Day, why not make it really special with some of these heartfelt activities…

Valentine's Day

Family Valentine’s Day Date

By now, it’s likely that you’ve realised dates, as you knew them, are a thing of the past (for now, anyway). Alone time for mums and dads is a rare treat, and if you can get a babysitter by all means indulge in a romantic evening out for just the two of you. But during the day, when your little bub is awake, go on a date you can all enjoy. That doesn’t mean another afternoon at baby group or soft play – go for something a little different! A family outing somewhere beautiful, or maybe even another ‘first’ experience you haven’t got around to doing yet. Whatever it is, keep it relaxed and as stress-free as possible, keep phones away and the focus kept on what’s important. Each other.

Make a Meal of it

Eating out with a baby can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, so why not bring a little fine dining into your home instead? By fine dining, we mean this in the loosest possible sense. Don’t worry, we know your kids probably don’t have their table etiquette down just yet and cooking a gourmet meal is probably (rightly) way down the list of priorities. But do it your way. Get everyone’s favourite food in, set the table with pretty plates and cutlery (and a Babycup First Cup!)and dress up!

Plant a Seed

Just as your baby grew from the size of a seed to the beautiful being they are today, so too can a seed of your favourite flower or tree, planted with love this Valentine’s Day. You can all have some educational fun putting it into the soil and watching it grow into something wonderful.

Valentine's Day

Write a Love Letter

Here’s a great Valentine’s Day tradition: write love letters to each other to keep and treasure for a lifetime. For the first Valentine’s Day, your baby could simply make theirs with a painty handprint, but as time goes by this will soon become a time and a place to say all those loving words that we should say every day, but often don’t. For a special touch, you could keep all of your yearly letters to your child sealed for them to open on their 18th birthday.

Share The Love

While you’re at it, get your family and friends involved too! After all, many of our loved ones live outside the four walls of our homes. Make personalised Valentine’s Day cards or E-Cards (any excuse for an adorable photoshoot) or if you want to share the love in person, invite everyone to join your meal!