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Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum

Babycup is the perfect size for little ones.

Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum agrees and says, “If you want to head straight to using open cups, the Babycup is a perfect size one for your baby. These amazing little cups are intended for use from weaning…..The Babycup is just the right size for small hands and means that if spilt, not much is to be cleaned up. Your baby can get used to the correct motion of drinking for themselves. Plus, being able to sip from a mini open cup is terrific for motor skill development too.”

Babies love baby cups BabycupHi Baby blog

Hi Baby blog names Babycup as one of their favourite weaning products for baby Luisa.

I’m keen to have her master the Babycup so that we don’t have any problems with her teeth in the future that can be caused by other styles of cup – particularly those with a valve.

Love On A Plate

Love On A Plate loves the easy clean, no nooks and crannies nature of Babycup, “no tricky places germs could harbour,” and also proved that encouraging your super sipper is totally worthwhile,

I did begin to think that she would never pick the cup up herself and certainly wouldn't be able to successfully bring it to her mouth - but then one day I just let her have a go and she did it. I was so proud!

L’Avis de Maman

French lifestyle blog L’Avis de Maman praises Babycup for being a cup that’s the right size for little ones and the best cup for babies to learn to drink from,

...elles permettent a bébé de boire seul plus facilement qu’avec d’autres coupelles...

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