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Babycup Sippeco First Cups Awarded in the MadeForMums Awards 2022

Babycup Sippeco First Cups Awarded in the MadeForMums Awards 2022

When we created Babycup Sippeco First Cups our aim was for our mini open baby cups to look good and do good and for little ones to LOVE using them. Winning awards is a delightful cherry on top and we are thrilled to be a winner in the MadeForMums Awards 2022! Hoorah!

MadeForMums is the UK’s biggest parenting reviews site with a mission to help parents make confident choices. Their annual awards is no small exercise, with 3,000 judging hours and more than 1,100 products sent out to families for testing. Those testers, along with editorial judges, industry experts and parenting influencers, put all their thoughts and comments together to form a line up of winning products, including training cups and sippy cups for babies, that are the best of the best.

In the baby and toddler weaning and feeding section, ratings from parent testers and feedback from expert judge and paediatric dietician Lucy Upton, combined together to determine the best equipment and products for weaning and feeding. As MadeForMums say, “..if you’re about to start weaning or are just looking for clever ways to get your child to be less fussy about food, these are the products for you.”

In summing up why Babycup Sippeco First Cups are deserving of this accolade in the best Cup/Beaker category, we are so happy to read the comments from the MadeForMums Awards 2022 website page:

Why it’s a winner: These cute, colourful cups are nicely designed for teaching babies to drink by sipping rather than sucking, which is better for their teeth and the development of mouth muscles. If you want your child to go straight onto an open cup, this is the product for you. Our expert judge Lucy Upton described these as “a fantastic first open cup for babies, and great to support the complex skill of open cup drinking for young children.” There will inevitably be more spillage but, as the cups are deliberately small in size, there is never too much to mop up.
In the words of parent tester Stacie, who tested this with their 8 month old: “Great cup, the only one I use now. Gives independence and reduces spilling. I like that they can be recycled at end of use.”

Being an award winner in the Cup/Beaker category is fabulous news and we are delighted! Judged on key features such as effectiveness, ease of use, quality of product and value for money. We know how important these are to families wanting to choose the best weaning cup for their baby and we are so happy to deliver.

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