Why learning sipping is better when it’s not from a bucket!!!

Why learning sipping is better when it’s not from a bucket!!!

Picture the scene…..the table is set, the cutlery ready, the napkins folded, the dishes are sparkling. Food is ready to be served. You fancy sipping some water.

So….. the waiter hands you a bucket!

Unless you’re on a wild night out, the arrival of a bucket-sized drinking vessel would come as a bit of a shock. Pretty strange. Definitely impractical. Unwieldy and cumbersome. And highly likely to spill down your cheeks the moment you try and drink!

Yet babies up and down the country, at mealtimes day in day out, are being served drinks in the baby equivalent of a bucket. That’s got to be a tricky way to learn to drink! And for healthy sipping – and for that we mean from a cup without a lid, spout or seal – a bucket-like cup is highly likely to bring about shrieks and cries of ‘argghhhhhh….put a lid on it!’.

Our mini diners sit in specially-made baby-sized seats (that’s a highchair to you and me!).

They have shrunken plates and bowls.

And they have mini cutlery.

But so often, their sippy cup or training cup is practically the size of an adult’s cup. Not only can that be awkward for a little person, but heavy too, especially once it has liquid in it.

And then there’s the question of sipping from something that size. We’re back to the adult with the bucket again. Soggy cheeks aplenty and spills a go-go!

Using a cup that’s too big, is like drinking from a bucket.

A little mouth needs a little cup.

Babycup First Cups – mini for a very good reason. Your precious little reason. Healthy sipping is feasible, achievable, a realistic goal, when you use a Babycup First Cup.

Sip sip hooray!

Checkout our ‘bucket’ film! And visit our You Tube channel for films of Babycup babies sipping on their open cups!