Wean ‘n’ Clean

Wean ‘n’ Clean

A guest post by our friends at brush-baby

When babies start weaning, (usually around the 6 months mark), trying out all different types of baby foods is one of the most exciting, and to be honest, messy parts of parenting!

New colours, tastes and textures are all part of your baby’s continuing growth and development.

Who can resist seeing mushed-up banana ‘squidged’ between chubby fingers, or a puree-covered mouth (and chin, and cheeks!) with a contented gummy smile?

And that’s where brush-baby step into the happy and healthy baby pictureframe.  Cleaning the inside of the mouth is just as important as the outside of the mouth. During weaning, take the opportunity to familiarise your baby with an early years gum and dental-care routine.

Use DentalWipes to clean away any milk and food deposits, left behind after feeding, by gently  cleaning inside the cheeks, over and around the gums.  Capitalise on those weaning-happy chomping gums by using a Chewable Toothbrush with a smear of Toothpaste to soothe and massage gums and clean teething gums and teeth (yes, even if there is only one lone tooth!)

Even the cutest of babies can suffer from dental decay or ‘dummy breath’ by not establishing a good oral care routine as soon as possible.  It just makes healthy sense and can also help with teething, ensuring that milk teeth emerge into a healthy environment with an established cleaning routine.

So remember … ‘Wean & Clean!’

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p.s. Please note that our new DentalWipes (available from Ocado, Waitrose and Morrisons) are biodegradable and compostable – so it’s a ‘win’ for the environment as well!