What to expect with teething

We’re all about caring for baby’s teeth here at Babycup, after all that’s the reason why our little open cups came to exist, perfectly proportioned cups that promote good oral health development. Now Oral Health Foundation accredited! And we’re well […]

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Summer activities for you and your baby

Many of us are staying put in the UK this Summer so need a bucket-list of handy activities to do whether the sun shines or the rain inevitably pours! We’ve put together some of our favourite Summer ideas from crafts […]

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Why learning to drink by yourself is important

It’s widely known that it’s important to let little ones learn to eat by themselves from an early age but often parents are unsure when is the right time to let babies learn to drink by themselves – we say […]

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Big smiles for National Smile Month 2021

A healthy smile starts early on National Smile Month is taking place at the moment and runs until the 17th June. It is a big awareness campaign from the Oral Health Foundation to get us all looking after our teeth […]

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Open cup drinking 101

Did you know that open cups are widely recommended by experts, including dentists, orthodontists and healthcare professionals, for babies and toddlers?  They are a great way to start your little one with healthy sipping habits for life. Our Babycup First […]

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How and when to introduce water to babies

Water is essential for all bodily processes and it is important that your baby builds a healthy relationship with it, this is especially important once they stop having their usual milk feeds. It is common for parents to have questions […]

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How to Keep Your Baby Hydrated in Summer

by Charlotte Stirling-Reed, of SR Nutrition, The Baby & Child Nutritionist



Weaning specialist Charlotte Stirling-Reed aka ‘SR Nutrition’, expert contributor to Joe Wick’s ‘Wean in 15’book, writes for us exclusively about the importance of keeping little ones hydrated. In this blog, Charlotte answers common questions related to hydration including how...

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Oral Health Q&A

with Jemma Hook aka The Mummy Dentist and Sara Keel founder of Babycup


When did you first become interested in oral health and baby teeth? And why?


I initially chose to study Dentistry after having orthodontic treatment in my teens – it appealed to me as a caring, patient-centred profession. I thought my job would be all about fixing teeth (which I...

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Wean ‘n’ Clean

A guest post by our friends at brush-baby

When babies start weaning, (usually around the 6 months mark), trying out all different types of baby foods is one of the most exciting, and to be honest, messy parts of parenting!

New colours, tastes and textures are all part of your baby’s continuing growth and development.

Who can resist seeing mushed-up banana ‘squidged’ between chubby...

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NIPA Baby Brands Black Friday Offers!

Black Friday Baby Extravaganza – dazzling offers for your brilliant babies! November means Black Friday, which means there are some great bargains worth snapping up! We have teamed up with our NIPA (Nursery Industry Products Association) friends and are excited […]

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Babycup Recipes: Autumn recipes for babies and toddlers

Now Autumn is upon us and the temperature has taken a nosedive into single figures, staying in and keeping warm is top of everyone’s things to do list. Cosy weekends spent at home call for your Babycup First Cupbeing repurposed for hot chocolates(!), lovely lunches and delicious dinners that warm the soul, as well as fill the tummy. Here are a few recipes to try, for all the family from...

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Why Baby Teeth Matter

Guest Post by The Mummy Dentist Dr Jemma Hook Whilst it is true that the baby set of teeth will eventually fall out, there are many reasons why it is super important to look after them! There are 20 teeth […]

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