Babycup First Cup approved by the Oral Health Foundation

We have the seal of approval from the Oral Health Foundation

We have the seal of approval from the Oral Health Foundation

And did we mention Babycup First Cups are now biodegradable and recyclable?! That’s right, it’s been a busy time for the Babycup team and we’re thrilled to be able to announce that our cups are now accredited by the Oral Health Foundation – the first open cup for babies and toddlers to receive this great accolade. What this means for parents is that this esteemed panel of oral health experts have given their seal of approval to Babycup First Cups for supporting good oral health in infants and encouraging healthy sipping.

Oral Health Foundation

Our perfectly proportioned little cups start you on your journey of healthy sipping habits for life. Just as we’re encouraged by healthcare practitioners to stop the prolonged use of a dummy or bottle with babies, the use of an open for weaning from six months is recommended by dentists and orthodontists as a mealtime essential, designed to discourage habits such as constant sipping (constant sipping can produce the risks of dental decay from prolonged exposure to sugary drinks and prolonged sucking can cause poor jaw development).  Our cups, designed for little hands and mouths, are the right size for your baby and toddler to hold, helping them develop their fine motor skills as they become independent little eaters.


Jemma Hook (The Mummy Dentist) explains the benefits of a sippy open cup over a sucky spouted cup: “An open cup rim is preferred to a spouted or sealed cup as the spout may impede natural tongue movements or a seal can cause a suck not a sip.”


The benefit of an open cup in weaning, and of Babycup First Cups in particular, is further highlighted by Dr Nigel Carter, Oral Health Foundation CEO and dentist for over 40 years.

the first free drinking cup to be approved by the oral health foundation

He says, “Babycup First Cup is the first free drinking cup for tiny hands to be approved by the panel. Developing proper drinking habits at an early age is vital for oral development. Milk teeth are crucial to jaw development, speech development and adult teeth placement. Not taking care of primary teeth can lead to adult teeth growing in crooked, chewing difficulties, facial asymmetries and, most importantly, tooth decay.”


Why it was important to us to become biodegradable


Babycup First Cups are designed in the UK by a mum of three and are now biodegradable and recyclable! This was a vision of Babycup’s founder, Sara Keel, to support parents in taking steps to be more environmentally conscious in their purchasing of baby products. When you’ve finished using your Babycup First Cups, you can pass them on to someone else, repurpose them or depending on your local facility dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way – by putting them in your home recycling bin or if they go into your refuse they can biodegrade in landfill.  This is great news for parents who will know that our products do not contribute to the mounting rubbish problem we face in the UK and worldwide.


best cup for babies and toddlers


To buy a set of our cups, or to find out more about why they are great open cup for your baby or toddler, visit our shop page.