Summer activities for you and your baby

Summer activities for you and your baby

Many of us are staying put in the UK this Summer so need a bucket-list of handy activities to do whether the sun shines or the rain inevitably pours! We’ve put together some of our favourite Summer ideas from crafts to games to fun outdoors to give you some inspiration all Summer long.

1. Keeping kids cool

Stay cool all Summer with paddling pool fun in the garden. And it needn’t be a snazzy, all singing and dancing paddling pool, simply fill a clean bucket or tub with warm water and put some cups and bath toys out on the grass – safe to say our little cups make great toys for pouring and splashing too!

2. Get crafty

Getting the paints and pens out when you’re in a rush for work/nursery may feel too much usually but Summer days are great for taking it slower and doing the messier things you normally might avoid! The warmer weather is also ideal for taking messy arts and crafts outdoors – saves your table and floors!

arts and crafts kids

3. Build a den

Get under canvas this Summer and have a mini adventure. This could be putting up your tent in the garden and spending a night under the stars as a family – who doesn’t love a little camp fire toasting marshmallows?! Or you could create your own den out of sticks and branches in a corner of your garden or at a National Trust garden. The National Trust has some handy den building tips here.

4. Go to the seaside

We’re all craving a bit of beach life! Sand is great fun for little ones, and safe for any wobbly new walkers or crawlers. Pack your bucket and spade and your suncream and head off to your local beach – don’t forget to check whether your local shopping centre is running any Summer events with an urban beach, we’ve seen some pop up in Manchester and around London.

sandcastle baby

5. Make a treasure hunt

Does your little one love carrying around a bag and dropping precious things in there to look at later? When we say precious it could well be a snail shell or stick! Make it a fun game by painting rocks and then hiding them around the garden for your little one and their friends to find. Hours of fun and once it’s complete you can hide them again in new places to find! We must admit we love painting them too.

treasure hunt


Don’t forget to keep hydrated (check out our useful blog on Keeping your baby hydrated in Summer) and apply plenty of suncream all Summer long. Have fun and let us know any other activities ideas that prove popular with your little one!