Non-spill baby cups – suck it and see

Non-spill baby cups – suck it and see

The very lovely Singlemotherahoy got in touch to ask (very politely!) if she could test drive a Babycup or two with her cute little girl. One of Singlemotherahoy’s main reasons for giving Babycup a whirl are the health warnings that more and more experts are giving to baby cups, sippy cups and non-spill cups with valves and gadgets that mean a baby or toddler has to suck like Billy-O to get their drink out.

Have you ever tried one of those yourself? Here at Babycup HQ we’ve wasted many a hard-earnt pound or ten trying out a multitide of sippy cups (which should more aptly be named sucky cups) and removing their valves, gadgets and gizmos because we found you needed a suck to rival that of a vacuum cleaner in order to have a drink.

This was a big influence in the birth of Babycup. No sucking required! Just healthy sipping.

As Singlemotherahoy says “Until now we’ve used non-spill beakers with valves inside the spout, which require a lot of sucking to get any drink out”

And we received this lovely message, “She loves them – great for playing with once empty too!” Ah, fab :))))
Don’t be a sucker, be a sipper

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