Babycup Wins Another Award! Mother & Baby Winner JANEY LOVES Platinum Awards 2018

Babycup Wins Another Award! Mother & Baby Winner JANEY LOVES Platinum Awards 2018

Earlier this year, after thousands of testing hours, Babycup First Cup was nominated Editor’s Choice Winner out of nearly 500 products at the ‘Made for Mums’ 2018 Awards. Now, we’ve scooped another prestigious award which, as well as demonstrating our cups are the best parents can buy, shows that they are also one of the safest.

Our latest accolade – winner in the Mother and Baby section – has been bestowed upon us by non-other than natural health and beauty expert: Ecopreneur Janey Lee Grace as part of the JANEY LOVES Platinum Awards, at this year’s GO! Organic Festival.

Why? Because we’re not only concerned about providing your children with an effective drinking solution which promotes optimal oral development. We’re also passionate about making sure that the materials we use are chosen with care and consideration of your baby’s health.

  • BPA-free

  • Phthalates-free

  • Non-toxic

  • Dishwasher & steam steriliser safe

  • UK Lab checked for safety

  • Tried, tested & loved by our own kids

Why Choosing Non-Toxic Matters

The EWG is striving to pass the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act of 2008 which would assume that chemicals are harming people unless proven otherwise and requires that chemicals be safe for children and others who are sensitive.’ Ken Cook, president and co-founder of the Environmental Working Group

Being non-toxic sounds great, but what does it actually mean and more importantly, why does it matter?

We all want to keep our children safe and healthy. As parents, we encourage them to eat organic fruit and vegetables, we get them out for regular exercise in the fresh air and many of us even opt for more natural bath and skincare products to keep their sensitive skin soothed and happy. But did you know that it is just as important to keep the chemicals at bay when it comes to eating and drinking utensils?

Thousands of chemicals known irritants, allergens and even carcinogens are used in your average, toxic plastic products. In fact, more than 72,000 synthetic chemicals have been produced and used in household products since WWII, with many also being used in industrial cleaning products and pesticides. These toxins are found all over the home, but studies have shown that the highest concentration is often found in youngster’s bedrooms due to the high volume of plastic toys. Many experts believe, because of this, the rate of skin and health conditions in young children, such as Eczema, Asthma Thyroid issues and Learning & behavioural issues has risen exponentially over the years.

When it comes to eating and drinking, avoiding chemicals is extra important. Over time (and not very much time at that!) with repetitive use, toxins such as BPA break down and leach into food and drink, which, in the case of plastic cups and plates for kids, then goes directly into your child’s precious body.

By choosing non-toxic products (like our very own multi award-winning Babycup First Cup!) you are taking an essential step towards a safer environment and lifestyle for your bubba. A goal all of us parents share.

Janey Loves

Five Reasons Janey Loves Our Non-Toxic Babycup First Cup

We were up against some stiff competition in the JANEY LOVES Platinum Awards, with many like-minded brands having created some amazing and innovative offerings for the Mother & Baby industry.

Our Babycup First Cup, loved by babies and parents alike, were pronounced WINNER alongside a few other favourite parenting brands such as Weleda for their nursing collection, Bio Kult for their fantastic probiotics and Tutti Frutti Organic baby clothes. Here’s why:

  • Babycup First Cup can take your child from first sips right up to 2.5 years+! Because of this, you’re quelling the need for a multitude of unnecessary (and possibly unsuitable) cups filling your kitchen cupboards. This is not only better for your storage space and wallet, but also for the environment. Babycup First Cup is made to last.


  • Babycup First Cup is made from non-toxic materials, so these cute coloured cups have been created to pose no risk to your beautiful baby. We test them on our own children and would never give you anything we didn’t feel 100% confident about.


  • Babycup First Cup is simple, but effective. No lid, no handle, no moving parts and (very importantly) easy to clean, by hand, dishwasher or steam steriliser meaning no chance of hidden mould or bacteria.


  • Babycup First Cup is recommended by experts to promote perfect dental and facial health. Spouts and no-spill valves commonly found on sippy cups encourage an unnatural tongue position that can cause real problems. With Babycup First Cup, your child will quickly learn the best and most natural way to drink.


  • Using a little Babycup First Cup helps to develop your little one’s fine motor skills, by allowing for gripping and hand-eye coordination practice. And getting to drink all by themselves is fun too!