Autumn activities for kids

Autumn activities for kids

Autumn is here and it’s one of our favourite times of year – the changing colours, welly walks, stomping through leaves not to mention the fun that can be had for Halloween. Here we talk about how to evoke all your little’s ones senses with some fun, sensory Autumn activities.


Five things on our Autumn bucket list

1. Go exploring in a forest

As the leaves change colour and start to fall they create a soft blanket across the forest floor. Go on a treasure hunt to find lots of different types of leaves, pine cones, conkers and sticks which your little one will love collecting to bring home. You can make an Autumn picture sticking them down, trace around the leaves or even try a conker competition hanging them from string.

Whilst you’re there tossing the leaves up in the air is an absolute must! Hear the leaves crackle as you stomp around. Why not create your own pile of leaves to run into and throw! So much fun.

2. Collect conkers

There’s lots of ideas of what you can do with conkers – who doesn’t remember collecting them as a child?! We love the idea of making a conker caterpillar as inspired by The Gingerbread House. They are easy to make and great for practising those fine motor skills.


conker caterpillar

3. Make some quick and easy Halloween treats

Halloween is around the corner and don’t we all love to get a little bit spooky! If your little one has started weaning or is well on their way to exploring new tastes and flavours, these 6 easy treat recipes from Day Out With The Kids are great to make together and fun to eat too!

Halloween recipes

4. Go fruit picking

Autumn has an abundance of fruit to pick, not to mention pumpkins! We’re strong believers in showing children where food comes from and how it grows and what better way than picking apples, pears or plums from an orchard or searching for pumpkins in a field. Pack the wellies, be prepared to squelch in some mud and take home what you find to make something delicious!


picking apples

5. Build a bird feeder

Feeding birds during winter is important so get prepared in Autumn by making a bird feeder. You can use an empty egg box, even half an orange. Take some inspiration here.

bird feeder


We hope this has given you lots of ideas this Autumn. Have fun!