An Ethical Christmas: 3 Reasons We’ll Be Buying Our Gifts from Small Businesses

An Ethical Christmas: 3 Reasons We’ll Be Buying Our Gifts from Small Businesses

For Babycup, it all started for us at home. Our own needs for our own children met by our own innovative design. Created to be used and loved by our own precious little ones – and they still are today. Now, despite having achieved more success than we could have ever dreamed over over the past year, we may be a bigger company than we once were, but we’re still home-grown and we’re still a small business.

When it comes to Christmas shopping, by choosing to support small businesses like Babycup, you’ll not only be more likely to find your loved ones unique and thoughtful gifts but you’ll also be providing much-needed economic growth, helping the planet in more ways than one and of course, putting money in the pockets of real people, to pay the bills, put food on the table and keep bringing wonderful designs to you!

Choosing to buy with awareness and construct festive fun with a global attitude in mind doesn’t mean missing out. In fact, stuffing our stockings (and faces!) with amazing, eco-friendly, ethical gifts without that guilty conscious whispering in our ears makes the holidays all the better! And the extra thought put into more carefully sourced presents just adds a little more love into the equation too.

Small Businesses

If you’re looking for ways to make your festivities a little more ethical this year, one of the best places your can start is buying from small home-grown businesses, like Babycup.

Your custom can make or break a business

Clare Rayner of Retail Champion says: “Christmas sales can account for between a third and nearly two-thirds of a retailer’s annual turnover. A bad Christmas can mark disaster for a small business. Sadly, it really is a case of ‘use it or lose it’.” and this is very true!

While putting more money into large companies, many of whom are known for poor and exploitative working conditions, tax evasion and price-hiking, will do very little to affect their yearly turnover and as a result, survival, it can really make all the difference for a small business. If you love brands like Babycup and want them to stick around, your choice to support small businesses is your contribution to this.

Small Businesses

You’ll find a truly unique gift

Yes, it’s true that there will always be certain toys for your nephew that are fashionable, but how long do they really last and at what cost are they being made?

Perhaps this year, your money would be better spent buying quirky, one-off, handmade gifts or useful items that are created in a way that is respectful to the planet, like Babycup First Cup – a single use plastic warrior.

Small Businesses

It is the ethical choice

We all love giving and receiving gifts at Christmas and in our minds, there’s nothing wrong with that. It is, of course, the season for being generous with loved ones and strangers alike, and there’s nothing quite like a thoughtful present to show how much you care.

However, the true meaning of Christmas has a tendency to get somewhat diffuse in the midst of all the frenzied spending, with more families than not falling into debt as they try to make the pile under the tree bigger and bigger as Christmas day draws closer.

By choosing to shop with small or local businesses and buy high-quality, often hand-made gifts you’re also choosing to promote fair pay; worker’s rights and helps to reduce your carbon footprint too. Buying seasonal food locally is a particularly good move for both the planet and your health.