Why learning to drink by yourself is important

It’s widely known that it’s important to let little ones learn to eat by themselves from an early age but often parents are unsure when is the right time to let babies learn to drink by themselves – we say […]

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Wean ‘n’ Clean

A guest post by our friends at brush-baby

When babies start weaning, (usually around the 6 months mark), trying out all different types of baby foods is one of the most exciting, and to be honest, messy parts of parenting!

New colours, tastes and textures are all part of your baby’s continuing growth and development.

Who can resist seeing mushed-up banana ‘squidged’ between chubby...

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NIPA Baby Brands Black Friday Offers!

Black Friday Baby Extravaganza – dazzling offers for your brilliant babies! November means Black Friday, which means there are some great bargains worth snapping up! We have teamed up with our NIPA (Nursery Industry Products Association) friends and are excited […]

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Babycup Recipes: Autumn recipes for babies and toddlers

Now Autumn is upon us and the temperature has taken a nosedive into single figures, staying in and keeping warm is top of everyone’s things to do list. Cosy weekends spent at home call for your Babycup First Cupbeing repurposed for hot chocolates(!), lovely lunches and delicious dinners that warm the soul, as well as fill the tummy. Here are a few recipes to try, for all the family from...

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Why Baby Teeth Matter

Guest Post by The Mummy Dentist Dr Jemma Hook Whilst it is true that the baby set of teeth will eventually fall out, there are many reasons why it is super important to look after them! There are 20 teeth […]

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Baby Feeding: Thoughts from a Dentist

Guest Post by Helen Clint @dentalmummy How you choose to feed your baby is a personal choice based on the needs of your baby, yourself and the rest of your family, and as healthcare professionals, we respect the choice that […]

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3 Easy Ways to Get Your Child Drinking More Water

Worries are often in abundance for new parents, but one in particular which comes up time and again is if their children are drinking enough water.

Babies who are used to solely breast milk or formula may dislike a switch to water, no matter how gradual. However, it is important young children start to drink water regularly as it is vital for gut health and dental hygiene. Water also...

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