How to Keep Your Baby Hydrated in Summer

by Charlotte Stirling-Reed, of SR Nutrition, The Baby & Child Nutritionist



Weaning specialist Charlotte Stirling-Reed aka ‘SR Nutrition’, expert contributor to Joe Wick’s ‘Wean in 15’book, writes for us exclusively about the importance of keeping little ones hydrated. In this blog, Charlotte answers common questions related to hydration including how...

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Oral Health Q&A

with Jemma Hook aka The Mummy Dentist and Sara Keel founder of Babycup


When did you first become interested in oral health and baby teeth? And why?


I initially chose to study Dentistry after having orthodontic treatment in my teens – it appealed to me as a caring, patient-centred profession. I thought my job would be all about fixing teeth (which I...

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Wean ‘n’ Clean

A guest post by our friends at brush-baby

When babies start weaning, (usually around the 6 months mark), trying out all different types of baby foods is one of the most exciting, and to be honest, messy parts of parenting!

New colours, tastes and textures are all part of your baby’s continuing growth and development.

Who can resist seeing mushed-up banana ‘squidged’ between chubby...

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Why Baby Teeth Matter

Guest Post by The Mummy Dentist Dr Jemma Hook Whilst it is true that the baby set of teeth will eventually fall out, there are many reasons why it is super important to look after them! There are 20 teeth […]

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Baby Feeding: Thoughts from a Dentist

Guest Post by Helen Clint @dentalmummy How you choose to feed your baby is a personal choice based on the needs of your baby, yourself and the rest of your family, and as healthcare professionals, we respect the choice that […]

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Can I Trust My Child’s Appetite?

This post is a contribution from Natalia Stasenko, a pediatric dietitian, mom of three and founder of Tribeca Nutrition. Natalia has a Master of Science in Nutrition Education from Columbia University and has years of experience working with families of […]

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The Truth About Teething

A guest post from our friends at Brush-Baby Teething is the process by which an infant’s first teeth (“baby teeth”/milk teeth”) emerge through the gums, typically arriving in pairs. Teething may start as early as 3 months and as late […]

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