Nurseries Teaching Healthy Habits with Open-Cup Sipping

Nurseries Teaching Healthy Habits with Open-Cup Sipping

freeflow-cups-weaning-baby-cupsIt can be really hard to take the decision to send little ones to preschool. Even when you’ve made that decision, dropping little Jimmy or Janey off at your chosen nursery can still feel like someone’s wrenching out your heart. Every day!

I remember dropping one of my littlies off at a new kindergarten. It was a small, sweet and cosy place and she was only going there for a few hours a week. But I still pretty much fell to the ground in a flood of tears when I left her on her first day. A concerned parent kindly asked me, “Is it her first time at nursery?” “No,” I blubbed! But that didn’t make a jot of difference, I was leaving my baby in someone else’s care and I was feeling emotional.

It’s a big deal. And rightly so.

Fast forward several years and I’m working with preschools, supplying them with Babycup First Cups for their baby rooms and their toddler mealtimes.

And wow just wow! It is so lovely to find so many preschools and nurseries that are right up there putting nurturing, care and baby health top of their agenda.cute-cups-for-little-hands-babycups

Lancaster University Pre-School Centre is a great example. They are teaching open cup sipping in their nursery. They chose Babycup First Cups for the cups’ high quality and perfect size. And their comments are so lovely.

They sent us this feedback from the staff in the rooms where the Babycup First Cups baby cups are being used :-

“The cups help develop fine motor skills and language development”

“ The cups promote self-help skills”

“The children are drinking more water, and are actively asking for more using please and thank you”

“The children find holding the cups a lot easier than the bigger cups that we used to use”

Sipping in preschools is great. Children love to learn through copying, and seeing their friends, big and small, modelling these habits, is so beneficial. And great for reinforcing what’s being taught at home.


Just look at those cute little hands with their cute little cups. Sip sip hooray!

Thanks and well done Lancaster University Nursery!