Keeping your baby hydrated in hot weather

Keeping your baby hydrated in hot weather

Keeping your baby hydrated in hot weather

We've already had the first of the Summer heatwaves and there's the potential for plenty more as the Summer months heat up and families travel abroad.

One concern for many parents is how to keep your baby or toddler hydrated when the temperatures soar and they can't tell you they're thirsty. Whilst it's important to be hydrated all year round, it matters even more when the weather is warm and kids are active outside. Children don't always recognise when they are thirsty so it's important to keep a check on the amount of fluids being drunk throughout a day and encourage lots of sips, plenty and often, as the day goes on. 

Make it easy to take those little sips with our little open cups, perfect for small hands as they learn to drink from an open cup. 

Baby drinking from Babycup open cup

How to keep young babies hydrated

Young babies under one need to monitored carefully for hydration at any time of year, but particularly in the heat. Most of your baby's fluids will come from their current milk intakes. Breast milk also adapts so even in warm weather your baby should be getting enough. Remember it is recommended to breastfeed responsively, as you can never tell how much your baby is getting, and that's ok. For formula fed babies, you may need a little extra fluid if they are very active or it's very hot. This can come from extra milk or water. 

Charlotte Sterling - Reed, aka SR Nutrition, has written a very informative blog for us which provides lots more information on how much milk and water your baby needs in warmer weather. 

Top tip: Keep an eye on your baby's wet nappies. Are there fewer wet nappies than normal, are they constipated? These could be signs your baby needs more fluid and it could be a good idea to seek further advice and support from your health visitor.


Make hydration fun for toddlers

There are ways to keep kids cool and hydrated and make it fun! Ice lollies! And our Babycup Sippeco First Cups come in super handy for making perfectly-sized ice lollies. Simply squash or chop up pieces of your child's favourite fruit such as watermelon, mango or strawberries and mix them in with some water. Pour small amounts into our Babycup (keep a centimetre from the top) and pop in the freezer. As they start to freeze, add in a lollypop stick and voila! Delicious, interesting and hydrating ice lollies for the whole family.

baby's favourite cup Babycup

Keep it healthy

You might be tempted to make water 'more interesting' by adding juice - keep it healthy and stick to water. The best time to instil good habits in your children is when they are babies and by sticking to water you're teaching them that to stay hydrated, water is all they need. 

 best sippy cups as training cup


3 easy ways to encourage your child to drink more

Whilst getting your little one to drink more may sound like an easy task, sometimes they may need a bit of extra encouragement! Here are 3 easy ways to encourage those little sips...

1. Create a game - try having a tea party with your little one's toys where everyone takes little sips of water. Babycup Sippeco First Cups make great little cups for cuddly bears!

2. Get creative - try infusing water with their favourite fruit or vegetables such as cucumber or pears. For older ones try fun-shaped ice cubes!

3. Make it colourful - have fun swapping in our different coloured cups. Is it a pink day or does everything have to be green. Let them decide and give them the control - sometimes making them feel in charge makes all the difference!

Read more helpful tips here 


As with weaning, babies respond best when they watch and mimic you so grab a glass of water and bottoms up!

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