Baby’s First Christmas: Babycup’s 0-1 Favourite Stocking Fillers

Baby’s First Christmas: Babycup’s 0-1 Favourite Stocking Fillers

Following on from our first festive blog ‘10 Amazing Eco-Friendly Stocking Fillers for your Toddler’ we’re continuing the theme, but this time for all the new babies out there. If this is baby’s first Christmas, you’ll no doubt be wanting to make it special and putting together the perfect stocking is part of that. A set of our Babycup First Cups is of course of first choice – something that is essential for your child’s development during those early weaning months and years and also enjoyable for your little one to receive and use!

So, that’s one stocking filler. What next? Well, as you will discover in a recent blog detailing our JANEY LOVES 2018 award, we’re pretty passionate about keeping children safe from harmful chemicals (Babycup First Cup is certified non-toxic). But a scary fact is, that in many households the highest rate of indoor air pollution is present in a child’s room and this is largely down to toys which continue to off-gas the chemicals used to make them.

Fortunately, there are many wonderful alternatives which are not only made with natural materials but that are absolutely gorgeous too! Here are our top 10 eco-friendly stocking fillers for your baby’s first Christmas…

baby's first christmas

Bamboo Whale Spoon £4 

What better way to introduce your baby to the wonderful world of weaning that by doing so with a beautifully hand-carved bamboo spoon (accompanied by your Babycup First Cup, of course!).


Tikiri Natural Rubber Teething Toys £12.99

Every new parent understands the pain of teething all too well, so these natural rubber teething toys are a welcome addition to any baby stocking. The ideal way to introduce your child to their first zoo, all while providing some much-needed chewing material.


Personalised Ceramic Bauble £10 

Starting a collection of Christmas decorations right from your baby’s first Christmas is such a fun idea that can become a yearly tradition forever more! By the time they’re an adult, they’ll have a whole trees worth. This personalised ceramic bauble is effortlessly chic and works with any festive theme.

baby's first christmas

Pitter Patter Penguin £8.99

The Wee Gallery has so many fantastic books and toys, all with quirky black and white illustrations which enables even the littlest of babies to see them really clearly. Their Pitter Patter Penguin soft book has that iconic black and white on one side and colour on the other for later years. The crinkly feet and plush fabric makes this an ideal sensory gift.


Lanka Kade Dinosaurs £3

Recent studies have shown that being obsessed with dinosaurs (or other ‘intense interests’ as many kids are!) is extremely beneficial for intellectual development. These wooden ones are just brilliant for getting the collection going!


Dragon & Unicorn Musical Rattles £3.99 

Dragons, unicorns and rattles – what’s not to love? Introduce your baby to the magical world of music with these sustainable wood options. A great stocking filler!

baby's first christmas

Clockwork Train £3.99

Windup toys are always fun, particularly for little ones who are newly on the go! We’ve listed this cute clockwork train, but you can take your pick of the variety fire trucks and construction vehicles also available.


Plan Toys Bunny £9.95

Crafted with eco-friendly rubberwood and non-toxic materials, this bunny in his car is a timeless toy that all children love!


HABA Clutching Toy Hedgehog £10.50

Our Babycup First Cup is designed with little hands in mind, and this HABA hedgehog is too! A joy to grab and discover.


Baby’s First Toothbrush £3.69

We’re passionate about your baby’s oral development, so we believe that getting a good tooth-brushing routine in place as soon as those nashers pop through is excellent practice. Father Christmas does have a habit of including a few useful things in stockings too, so why not go for this bio-degradable toothbrush? Kids will love the adorable characters on the handle.