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3 Love-Packed Family Activities for all to Enjoy on Valentine’s Day

3 Love-Packed Family Activities for all to Enjoy on Valentine’s Day

Traditionally Valentine’s Day is a celebration between couples to show how much they love each other. Often a time for a swanky meal out or a little romantic weekend away. However, since having children we have found that isn’t always as easy. Having to launch a full military operation to organise babysitters and deal with toddler tantrums because you’re having fun without them makes it seem like a little too much effort. So, we have come to realise there are two ways of looking at Valentine’s Day post children, both turn out to be equally fun.

Firstly, it’s a day to take a little time to remember that you and your partner are actually a couple and not just parents. This quite often gets forgotten on a day to day basis because as a parent you naturally put your child’s needs above your own. It may seem silly and somewhat artificial, but Valentine’s Day is an excellent excuse to stop thinking about the children for a couple of hours and reconnect with your other half. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; you don’t even have to leave the house! Once the children are in bed get a takeaway and watch a movie you both love or have a glass of Prosecco and play a board game. Just something to make sure you have a little snippet of time reserved to be together, focussing on yourselves. However, If you do have childcare easily available perhaps go out for that swanky meal or to a spa and have a massage. Recharging your batteries will not only benefit your relationship but also your mental health which in turn will help you be the best parent you can be.

The other option, although a lot less traditional, is heart warming in a completely different way. It invites the idea that Valentine’s Day can be an occasion for the whole family. A time to encourage little ones to get creative. Children love making things, especially when they are for a loved one.

This year we will be celebrating by indulging in a number of Valentine’s themed crafts.There is heaps of research and evidence to suggest that baby-wearing is a wonderful choice for both parent’s and their little one.

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Love Bug Cookies

You will need:

Rich tea biscuits, strawberry jam, red fondant icing, black writing icing, edible pearl balls, heart shaped cookie cutter.


Roll out the red icing to about the thickness of a coin and cut into hearts with the cookie cutter. Stick the fondant heart onto your biscuit using a thin layer of strawberry jam. Take your black writing icing and cover the pointy end of the heart to make a head, drawing a line down the middle to make wings. Cover your love bug with black spots then add two pearly balls to the head for eyes.

If you are a fan of baking, go full on Mary Berry and make the cookies from scratch. You could cut them into heart shapes with your cookie cutter.  If not, no problem, any round biscuit will do!

Suncatcher Heart

You will need:

Greaseproof paper, colourful tissue paper, glue.


If your child is old enough let them cut out a heart shape from the greaseproof paper, younger children may need you to do this for them. Rip up the tissue paper into lots of small pieces. Stick them onto the greaseproof paper making sure to cover it all and using lots of colours. Once dry, if you want to, trim the edges for a tidier look. Little ones can add a message for their loved ones using marker pens.

You can attach to windows using blue tack or punch a hole at the top and tie a loop of string so your little one’s creations can be dangled in the sunlight instead.

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Valentine’s Smoothies

After all that baking and crafting a nice refreshing treat is in order. Sticking with the valentine’s colours what’s better than a strawberry smoothie. Blend strawberries with plain yogurt, a little lemon juice and, if required, a splash of maple syrup or honey to taste. Even the smallest members of the family can join in with a perfectly sized portion in their Baby Sippeco First Cup, plus the pink one will coordinate perfectly with your Valentine’s theme!